It's no secret...

Compassionate, skilled BEAUTICIANS

Are in high demand in the Healthcare Industry nationwide.

We are needed

In hospitals, nursing homes, rehabs, mental health facilities, cancer centers, adult daycares, hospices, & home healthcare agencies.

It's time to SHOW UP!

Meet Her

Serving all active healthcare beauticians, aspiring students of the trade or anyone affiliated with this sensitive business.

Welcome Home! Let's sit down & have a chat!

My name is Patricia Pingitore & I am the Author of the FIRST Healthcare Beauticians Training Manual.

I am here to provide EXPERT GUIDANCE

As a seasoned Healthcare Beautician with over 40 years in the Healthcare Industry, I can answer any question you may have, as well as help you address & resolve any issue.

I am here to LISTEN & be your #1 ally!

Launching a new healthcare-based salon?

Maybe you manage one or are a freelance beautician/independent contractor who needs fresh ideas, creative solutions or healthy upgrades.

I will arm you with the most reliable resources!

I will provide you with the proper knowledge to meet all regulations & necessary requirements. I am the mastermind behind the FIRST "Alzheimer's Friendly Salon," sensitivity awareness is my forte.

Your Information Station

Add to your repertoire by learning...

  • Holistic methods to induce calmness with dementia & Alzheimer's clients

  • Safety precautions for servicing the physically disabled or mentally challenged

  • Safety precautions for transporting clients

  • Risk management for healthcare-based


  • Creative ways to restore DIGNITY to the geriatric population in Long-Term-Care

  • Mindful communication skills

Brush up on...

  • What is recommended for all healthcare-based salons

  • General sanitary suggestions for Healthcare Beauticians

  • Regulations that apply to healthcare-based salons by OSHA, the Department of Health, & the State Board of Cosmetology

  • Salon fire safety prevention

  • Infection control & safety/communicable adult diseases

And so much more!

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